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Cardinal Entertainment Launching Play2Earn Zoombies NFT World on Moonriver Blockchain

Cardinal Entertainment launches much anticipated play2earn Zoombies NFT minting collection on Moonriver blockchain with liquidity token sale opening September 1, 2021 14:00 UTC

Distributed Sept 1, 2021

Sample Moonriver Zoombies shop NFT card for sale
Cardinal Entertainment Launches Play-To-Earn NFT Game Zoombies in Open Beta for Savvy Early Adopters

August 5, 2021–Cardinal Entertainment announces the launch of Zoombies Open Beta, fully functional play-to-earn model in the rapidly growing gamified NFT space

Distributed Aug 5, 2021

Zoombies NFT Minting Game Launches on Polkadot’s Kusama Network Via Moonriver/Moonbeam

Cardinal Entertainment announces the Q3-2021 launch of Zoombies, an innovative NFT minting opportunity built on Moonriver.

Distributed June 24, 2021