Step 1. Setup bridge to the blockchain

The Zoombies NFT World is deployed on the Moonriver Ethereum compatible blockchain. To access an Ethereum compatible blockchain, you will need a crypto wallet web3 bridge.

This special software encrypts a crypto wallet, allows you store NFT and other crypto tokens.

The most trusted wallet software application is Metamask. Follow the instructions to install Metamask in your browser Or mobile and return here to continue Step 2.

Metamask logo
Step 2. Moonriver Token

Congratulations if you have installed Metamask, you are now ready to access the amazing world of web3 enabled websites. Web3 is a term being used to describe websites that can connect and display blockchain information, Zoombies NFTs for example.

You can:

or continue with the step of acquiring the currency used in the Zoombies App, the Moonriver token.

Zoombies uses the Moonriver ( MOVR ) token for NFT minting and all transactions costs on the Moonriver blockchain. Known as gas fees, the blockchain charges a computation fee for every transaction.

To do any and all actions in Zoombies, you will be paying fees to the Moonriver blockchain

To can purhase MOVR on supported exchanges. We recommend large reputable exchanges, KuCoin and Kraken US are two.

Moonriver token logo
Step 3. Mint Zoombies NFTS on Moonriver

Excellent, you are ready to mint your NFTs and build your Zoombies collection ! Read further instructions carefully to understand what may give one Zoombies NFT value over another

Sample Zoombie NFTs
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